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Young Mariner Program Curriculum

Sailing and Seamanship

Campers will learn the basics of sailing on our Catboat SARAH, an 1886 Crosby catboat replica that was built right in the museum boat shop. Campers will become true salty sailors as they learn how to hoist sails, steer, and the history of Lewis Bay from the peaceful wind power of the catboat. Campers will understand the science behind what causes sailboats to move the way they do and what makes them so powerful and successful on the wate. Every camper will be able to tie a bowline knot before completing the Young Mariner Program.

Marine Biology

What lives right on the dock and in the waters in and around Cape Cod? Campers will be learning all about these creatures using table top and handheld microscopes to get an up close view of the creatures and critters that call our docks their home. They will travel to a local oyster farm on our 29' research vessel, ADVENTURE, to learn about one of the many sources of food and income for many living on the Cape. On a beach stop, campers will comb the beach and identify what washes ashore. Lastly, they will be pulling up our very own lobster pot to see what critters called the ocean floor their home.


Campers will have a better understanding of what surrounds them and learn to use landmarks to help determine where they are. They will use nautical charts and compasses to navigate to our very own lobster pot and to locate the long lost Hyannis Coal Pier. Campers will also gain an understanding of basic boat safety and navigation all while witnessing ferries and charters coming in and out of Lewis Bay.

Boat Building and Naval Architecture

Campers will learn why boats are built the way they are, take a tour of our own wooden boat shop, antique boat barn, and view our model ship collection. They will dive deep into how boats evolved to where they are today and why we use different boats for different things. Campers will complete buoyancy experiments demonstrating the science behind how such large ships are able to stay afloat along with some boat building challenges.

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